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Dr. David H. Jackson, Jr.

Dr. David H. Jackson, Jr., is recognized as one of the most published professors at Florida A&M University. He is a scholar-activist who believes in utilizing knowledge to transform lives through teaching and learning. Jackson is a gifted motivational speaker who willingly shares his knowledge of many subjects with the populace. In a word, Jackson is a knowledge developer.


Allure Ent Group

Oftentimes, in the fast-paced world of business, meaningful social interaction and extra curricular enrichment are precious commodities rarely found in the networking arena. Allure Entertainment Group easily stands out from the crowd due to a three tier approach comprised of high caliber events, highly effective promotional and marketing strategies, and a top quality management team comprised of experienced professionals. This winning combination has earned the Allure Entertainment Group a reputation as an industry leader in the networking arena and has laid the groundwork for increased offerings and greater expansion.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia Allure Entertainment Group is well positioned to take advantage of the diverse commercial and business opportunities offered by the surrounding Southeast Region. Further, Allure’s strong, well established relationships with carefully selected corporations and professional organizations have allowed it to capture and retain its relevance and leadership position within the urban professional demographic.

Get Your ACT Together

A prep guide for ACT, SAT and Standardized testing. With GYAT, they work around your schedule with dedicated and qualified tutors they will design a program for your child that is based on their school’s curriculum or testing schedule.  This hands on tutoring works with your child’s teacher to be sure your child is on the right track. They are your child’s academic advocate and train the parent on how to be an advocate for your child as well.


Make College Work For You

Make College Work For You is a great educational platform for students to learn about success in college and life.  This Survival guide is an awesome blueprint to finishing college in four years or less. To be blunt, you better know what you want in life before stepping a single foot onto a College or University campus. The next four years are a chance for students to learn more about themselves: to learn new things about life, to learn from mistakes, to dream, to open doors that have never been opened and to learn a lot from others.


Brandon Mitchell

Kansas City, KS native, Brandon Mitchell, a triple threat of sorts, is propelling his way through the entertainment industry.

With growth and maturity, Brandon realized his gift from God to communicate his life lyrically in music. Driven by his passion to spiritually edify, he uses it as another tool to relate to the world. His EP, ‘Preseason,’ is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and all other major online stores. Preseason has seven songs featuring the production works of Q-Pon, Lil A, and Trav Geniuz. “Preseason was created around my love for basketball, reminding me of what it takes to be successful – love, faith, hope, and hard work.”

Zack Richardson

Zachery ‘Zack’ Richardson is a husband, a father of four, and a grandfather.  His life’s mission is grounded in the belief that if Harriet Tubman was able to free more than 300 slaves, I should be able to assist more than 300,000 people from choosing paths that lead to failure and poverty.

His interests include helping young adults graduate from high school, teaching people what it means to be an Amer-I-Can© rather than a victim, and sharing tangible solutions to problems that many people face daily.

Zack has been featured in numerous publications, on radio shows, and on Nationally Televised News outlets. He believes, “Success is not just about what you accomplish in life, but what you inspire others to do!”