Website Features

Visual Composer

Once installation is complete, you’ll be able to use the simple drag and drop layout builder. With this builder you can easily build pages, portfolios and posts. It’s main feature is that you can nest elements. So you can add one into another. You can create unique layouts with over 60+ shortcodes.

Theme Options

The Admin panel for your website comes with an easy to use Theme Options panel. This option allows you to change colors, fonts, layouts, some default values and much more with just clicks. This way you can adjust the entire page to suit you to perfection. All options are formatted into groups so there are very quick to locate.

Unlimited Sliders

Create wonderful sliders just the way you want them. Create campaigns, post gallery pictures.  Let the slider be the window to your site.

Unlimited Contact Forms

Create unlimited contact forms with field that suit your needs (captcha, inputs, checkboxes, validations, ..).

Contact form is included in the Layout Builder (Visual Composer), so you may use it on any page you want in any size you want.

Unlimited Maps

Layout builder contains a shortcode for Google Maps, so you can add a map on any page and format it as you want.

Examples for usage of Google Maps are shown in examples of the contact pages: Contact example 1, Contact example 2, Contact example 3. All this pages are build using just Layout builder, so can be formated in any layout.

Unlimited Layouts

Our Layout builder let’s you create page layouts as you wish. You may use builder for building layouts for pages, portfolios and post items.

The builder is designed so that it shows you the layout before you even save the page. This way you can easily find an item you would want to change.

Unlimited Colors

Change colors whenever you want with east.  You set your site to a color combination that suits you the best. Colors are not predesigned, so you may set any color you want.

Responsive Design

All of our sites are fully responsive. This makes an optimal view for the content on any device using any resolution.

You may check the responsive layout with changing your browser size.

Different Headers

Give each page its own unique header, can even be used for ads.

Different Layouts for Portfolio/Posts

Display your information any way you please.  Four columns, side by side, you decide.